My practice is multi-disciplinary: involving painting, printmaking, small sculpture and drawing. My passion for drawing and line is evident through most of my work.

I exhibit regularly, and I work from my studio in the Fundere Studios in Footscray

My work is a visual exploration emanating from the clues and symbols from research surrounding a particular myth. My investigation involves regular study tours to Greece and surrounding countries, visiting ancient sites and regions. However, my interest in myth encompasses the history of other countries including those in Asia, as well as Australia.

I am influenced by the installation practice of Kiefer, Kiki Smith, Ana Mendietta and Nancy Spero. 

The work develops as a response to the chosen subject matter.

As the personal connection to each myth unfolds, the chosen media reflects the tenor of the allegory.  For instance, Arcadia in 2012 was a personal response to ‘sense of place’, incorporating large scale drawings on paper, vignettes of Arcadian scenes installed in Victorian glass domes, and hanging sculptural forms referencing found materials from my Arcadia. 

By contrast, the work produced for the Psyche exhibition in 2010 employed paintings and a series of etchings.  

In 2014 the solo show was based on the ancient Sumerian myth of  Inanna: a powerful female deity, and her descent to the Underworld. The work embodied a series of 2 dimensional encaustic works on paper, and an installation component, comprising encaustic and tarlatan sculptural images. 

At present I am exhibiting in a curated group drawing show at Monsalvat curated Jo Lane. The show, entitled ‘Drawing Strength ’ runs till 6th January 2019

i am currently working on a solo show entitled ‘On Beauty’ opening at 45 Downstairs in April 2019